First SVA Academic Affairs Meeting of the semester.

Hello Everyone,

I hope that everyone has had an eventful and productive summer and has been settling comfortably into their classes in these past few weeks.

Just reminding everyone that with the new year also begins the first SVA: Academic Affairs meeting. We will be meeting from noon to 1pm in Main 160 on Thursday the 20th. Lunch will be served. 

It would be wonderful to see some new faces, so if you can, bring a friend or someone new to your department to the meeting. 


Hi Everyone!

SVA Academic Affairs meeting tomorrow Thursday April 19 in Main 160 from 12-1. This is our last meeting of the semester, please bring any new reps from your department.

See you then!

Academic Affairs Meeting!

Hi all! A kind reminder of today’s SVA Academic Affairs meeting in Main 160 from noon to 1 pm!!!

Academic Affairs Meeting!!!!

Hi Everyone!

Tomorrow,  Thursday, February 16, from 12 - 1 pm  we’ll have the next SVA for Academic Affairs meeting in Main 160 . We’ll discuss workshop topics and departmental reports. 
Hope to see you all there!

TownHall Meeting!!!

Hi all, 

Tomorrow Wednesday February 15th we will celebrate the Town Hall meeting in Main 110. It is an opportunity to adress your concerns, comments and questions to President Lazarus and other MICA administration members.

We hope to see you there!



List Of SVA Representatives

Hi all!

Here’s the list of the reps of each department:

Andrew Lucas
Mike Sergonis
Sarah Kujubu

Amy Beverungen
Karen Shea 
Niamh Doherty

Anna Queen 
Antoinette Nero 
Caitlin Kennedy

Allie Melissa Fauer
Cindy Jian 
Katrina Keane
Rachel Kang 
Tessa Jade Tripodi
Victoria Douka-Doukopoulou

Allison Samuels
Evyn Fong 
Veronica Casado

Keloni Parks
Kelsey Schneider
Ridhi Singla
Shirley Chan

Erica Bech
Gabe Kelley
Katy Mitchell
Lisa Deng

Aimee Fleck 
Jordan Sandler

Harrison Tyler
Joanna Mitchell
Rebecca Powell

Aurelia Josefina Javier
Colleen Tierney Helie
David Eassa 
Emma Hart Fineman
Louis Abbene-Meagley
Lydia Beaumont Pettit
Scott Everett Shelden

Erin Maywhoor
Micah Wood 
Nina Perlman
Sabrina Chin
Val Karuskevich

Chloe Maratta
Mario Urpi 
Shelby Rosoff

SVA meeting tomorrow!

Hi all!

SVA Academic Affairs is meeting tomorrow Thursday October 20th from 12 to 1 pm. We will be meeting in Main 160 (President’s Board Room).


SVA Townhall Meeting!

Hi all!

Just a kind reminder about tomorrow’s Town Hall Meeting with SVA leaders, President Fred Lazarus and provost Ray Allan. 

Please join us tomorrow Wednesday October 5th at Main 110 from 2:30 to 4pm!


SVA Meetings This Week

Hello all!

The new academic year has begun and both MICA SVA councils are holding their first meetings of the semester this week:

  • Student Life Council meeting:

           Wednesday,  September 21,  2.30-3.30 pm. Main 110.

  • Academic Affairs Council meeting:

          Thursday, September 22, 12-1pm. Main 160.

Hope to see you there!


Meeting Notes 3/24/11

Hello all, and Happy Spring!

Here are the Academic Affairs meeting notes from our March get-together. We covered our semesterly departmental reports for the bulk of the meeting (at which there were make-your-own sandwiches and cookies… yummm), and then Tom Hyatt of Technology services came to give us an update on MICA’s switch to Gmail.

Our next meeting will be April 21st from 12-1pm at Main 160 again, and we’ll be holding elections for our next round of officers.  We’re going to need an entirely new board, so start thinking about running (either yourself or nominating someone else).  Also, please bring a friend or two from your department who you think would be a good addition to SVA!

See you on the 21st,


Departmental reports  —>

CERAMICS (Anna Queen)
-Have a new kiln
-Dept is growing in people (concentrators specifically), but not enough studio space to accomodate
-Students’ work is limited by physical space available and kilns; waiting for something to open up

GRAPHIC DESIGN (Katy Mitchell)
-Just got laser printer
-AIGA having senior-underclassmen talks, which is a great way of communicating
-Concerns= connecting all computers to printers in Brown, and making sure printers are working, because notably they do not

PHOTOGRAPHY (Sabrina Chin, Erin Maywhoor)
-Creating a new room for scanners in the dept
-News: motion detector lights were installed by BGE without Photo’s permission in all rooms in dept, black & white and color darkrooms included. This was obviously a problem because darkrooms need to be switch-activated.  Light switches have been reinstalled.
-Space always a problem (especially digital lab, which is shared with other majors)
-Dept has expanded in people, but classes offerings do no reflect this
-History of Photography is only photo history course, and only offered in the Fall

INTERDISCIPLINARY SCULPTURE (Joanna Mitchell & Becky Powell)
-Ken Martin will be temporary Chair next year
-New course- Concrete Culture- will be offered in fall
-Eve Laramie back from sabbatical next semester!
-Sometimes wood & metal shop techs are helpful, but sometimes not; better trained students (juniors/seniors) need to be hired
-Next year there will be student techs in woodshed to assist (separate from work-study)

ILLUSTRATION (Mollie Little)
-No large format scanners, and the only good scanner in the dept is in the illustration office; a bad one is in the senior studios
-Jose Villarrubia is new Chair, and a lot of changes have been made: got rid of 200/300/400 level courses, and can now take anything you want
-Cut senior budget

VIEDO (Paul Slupski, Eric Varela)
-Video 1 class no longer offered
-Chair says, “Video is dead;” dept will be renamed ‘Moving Image,’ which covers broader ground, and is less technical
-It is a male-dominated dept, trying to make less so with less technical classes
-Talking about giving workshops (coding, setting up files, budgeting, etc)
-Building hours are big problem; don’t kick us out when working!  Can we have restricted-access rooms within Brown, where only trusted students may use? And you can apply within the dept?

FIBER (Allison Samuels)
-Making changes to required Junior Seminar course (required for all 3-D majors: Fiber/ IS/ Ceramics), and creating an open dialogue with Chairs & students
-Had a Fiber open forum earlier in semester, went well!
-Susie Brandt (Chair) taking a sabbatical next year; Piper Shephard most likely new Chair
-A few new courses offered this year (i.e. Millinary workshop), and hiring new full-time faculty for next year

Last notes  —>

-If you are interested in working to improve building hours, contact the building hours committee (lead by Steven Davis & Mike Molla).  A letter written to these people and signed by SVA would also help

Tom hyatt (technology):
-Currently moving MICA email over to Gmail
(so far 240 students since monday making the transition)- after September 1 will move people over automatically
-If we have any problems, call Help Desk at 410-225-2201 or email
-Going to do some hand-holding with faculty & staff, they will be moved over to Gmail later
-As of Friday, the t-shirt printer is open at Print Center; prices start at $10, and up from there (based on comparably sized piece of paper)

-Take the Collegetown shuttle survey!

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